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Light Tackle Fishing
Reef - Wreck - Offshore Fishing

Florida's coral reef is located about 6 miles south of the Florida Keys island chain in the Atlantic Ocean. The reef is home to a wide variety of bottom dwelling fish species, tropical fishes, and the large predator fish we love to catch. Yellowtail snappers, mutton snappers and grouper make for some great table fare and are the main fish sought after when fishing the reef. Many predatory fish including sharks, mackerel and barracudas can be found on the reef as well and make for great fights on light tackle.

Just outside the reef lies the open ocean where trophy pelagic species ride the currents of the Gulf Stream. Sailfish, mahi mahi, wahoo, tunas and marlin are the highly prized offshore big game species that many anglers dream of doing battle.

The patch reefs inside the Florida coral reef and the wrecks in the Gulf of Mexico are great areas for a mixed bag of fishing opportunities. Many snapper and grouper species, cobia, mackerel and sharks can be found here. The water in these areas is generally calmer, especially on windy days, than the deeper offshore waters.

Whether you're after snappers and grouper for the table or looking to do battle with big game pelagic fish such as sailfish and tuna, light tackle boats are very versatile and able to cover a wide range of fishing opportunities. Typically 25 to 30 feet in length with single or dual outboard engines, these boats can accommodate four to six anglers comfortably. From Florida's coral reef and offshore waters of the Gulf Stream to the Gulf of Mexico, a day of deep-sea fishing off Key West is sure to be full of good times and bent rods.

The guides listed below are good friends and excellent offshore fishing guides. You are sure to have a great day on the water.

Captain Paul D'Antoni 305-923-4412

Captain Paul of Seize the Day Charters fishes the wrecks, reefs and offshore waters off Key West for sailfish, dolphin, snapper, grouper and cobia to name just a few.

Captain Michelle Sampson 305-586-3621

Captain Michelle and her husband Donovan of Spear it Charters fishes the wrecks, reefs and offshore waters off Key West. They also offer free diving and snorkeling trips.

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